Fire Alarm Inspector

In accordance with Title 153, Chapter 6, individuals must be licensed to inspect fire alarm systems in the State of Nebraska. The license is valid for four years and costs $100. A license may be obtained by either passing a test or, if NICET certified Level II or above, sending us a copy of your NICET certificate along with the pro-rated fee of $25 per year of the certification. Example: If your NICET certification expires April 1, 2013 and you are applying for the license in March 2010, the fee would be $75. The certificate will be returned with your license.


The Fire Alarm Inspector's Certificate Application AND The Citizenship Attestation Form must be completed to obtain a license to inspect fire alarms. The completed application and form must be mailed in along with the appropriate fee and a copy of your NICET certificate if applicable.

Tests are given on the third Tuesday of each month. The test sites alternate between Lincoln and North Platte one month and Omaha the following month. A test schedule and list of study materials is available. For more information regarding the test, contact Sharon Brandt.

For more information on NICET go to their website or call (888) 476-4238.

This agency does not license Fire Alarm Installers. For information on becoming a licensed installer, contact the State Electrical Division at (402) 471-3550.

Page last updated December 26, 2013

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